BPA Wind Power Sets New Record

Mar 22, 2012

RICHLAND, Wash. – Wind farms have generated a record-breaking amount of power this month. As correspondent Courtney Flatt reports, the Bonneville Power Administration is hoping to avoid over-generation problems that happened last spring.

Strong winds generated 4,000 megawatts onto the Bonneville Power Administration’s transmission grid on a single day this month. That’s as much as four nuclear power plants.

This spike comes at a time when the Pacific Northwest grid already has an abundance of power. That’s because rivers are running high as the snow melts.

Last year BPA shut down wind facilities because there was more power than the grid could handle. Spokesman Mike Hansen says BPA is trying to avoid those problems.

Hansen: “The trick is how to make that much wind work on our system. So we continue to build transmission lines and substations.”

A new forecasting system will allow BPA to better predict how much power will be on the grid – and develop a plan ahead of time

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