Boston Bombing Prompts Concerns About Upcoming Spokane Race

Apr 16, 2013

The Spokane police chief says there will be an increased police presence at the Bloomsday race this year, following the bombing Monday at the Boston marathon.

Runners head down Fort George Wright Drive during Spokane's 2008 Bloomsday race.
Credit Mark Wagner / Wikimedia Commons

Spokane’s Bloomsday race, which last year hosted 50,000 participants, will be held May 5.

Spokane officials are concerned about safety issues following Monday’s events in Boston. Spokane police chief Frank Straub says he has been in contact with other agencies to share information on the bombing.

"I will say, the Spokane Police Department, the Spokane Sheriff's Department, our federal partners talk very regularly," Straub says. "We share information very quickly, and very regularly. I've already received briefing on the Boston incident... I will expect to receive more."

Meanwhile, FBI spokeswoman Ayn Dietrich says while they are sharing information with Spokane officials the Federal agency is mostly in a supportive role.

“The reason the FBI is in assistance capacity is because the local people are the boots on the ground, and often times we are matched pretty equally in terms of SWAT and bomb detection," Dietrich says. "So we would help if they need additional boots on the ground but that is not our primary purpose”

Tensions are high because of a failed bombing attempt at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day march two years ago in Spokane. The man responsible in that case was sentenced to 32 years in prison.

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