Boise-Native Nick Symmonds Is Heading Back To The Olympics

Jun 26, 2012

In the men’s 800 meter race Monday, Boise-native Nick Symmonds, now of Springfield, Oregon, clocked the fastest time by an American at Hayward Field. As KLCC’s Angela Kellner reports, it earned him a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team.

28-year-old Nick Symmonds was at the back of the pack and methodically picked off his competition. When he rounded the Bowerman curve, the crowd was on its feet, as he took first place. It was a flashback to the 2008 Olympic trials when he also made the U.S. team.

Symmonds: “Once you’re an Olympian, you’re always an Olympian and so, coming into this, I said you know, heaven forbid something happens and I get tripped, you can’t take that away from me, I’m always going to be an Olympian. But with that being said, that bitter taste in my mouth of ’08 of not making the finals has stuck with me for 4 years and there’s only one way to erase that and that’s to go out to London and win a medal.”

35-year-old Nike runner Khadevis Robinson, came in second, redeeming himself from the infamous Oregon sweep that happened at the 2008 trials. That’s when he came in fourth, knocked out of contention by three Oregon runners, including Symmonds. Rounding out the Olympic team is Duane Solomon Jr. Two other Oregon runners, Tyler Mulder and Elijah Greer did not make the cut.

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