BNSF Won’t Stop Release Of Oil Train Info By Seeking Injunction

Jun 23, 2014

The federal Department of Transportation has required railroads to notify states when they're shipping more than 1 million gallons of North Dakota crude oil by rail.

Today is the deadline for railroads to try to stop Washington state from sharing oil train delivery information with the public.
Credit Raymond D. Woods Jr. / Flickr

BNSF has asked the states to share the information only with emergency responders and not with the general public.

Washington state refused. But it allowed railroads the option of asking the court for an injunction that would block the state from releasing the information to the public.

So far, no railroads have done that, and BNSF says it won't either. Spokeswoman Courtney Wallace says federal and state governments should decide how the information is controlled.

If no railroads file for an injunction, Washington state says it will post the oil train shipment notifications online for all to see. Oregon has not yet announced its approach.

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