Blood Banks Seeking Donations As They Send Aid To Las Vegas

Oct 3, 2017

One of the region’s largest blood banks is sending some of its supply to help victims of the shooting in Las Vegas. Bloodworks Northwest is asking donors of all blood types to help replenish local supplies, and help with the ongoing needs.

Doctor James AuBuchon  is the organization’s CEO. He says Bloodworks aims to maintain a good inventory, but large-scale events can quickly change what’s on hand. 

"If that disaster of the same magnitude were to happen today in Seattle we would be hard pressed to have enough blood," AuBuchon said. "We’d have enough for the immediate needs, but the longer-term needs over the next several days, we’d probably have to turn to other blood centers in other parts of the country." 

That sharing of resources is common among blood centers nationwide. Seattle-based Bloodworks Northwest and Cascade Regional Blood Services in Tacoma both say there’s always an ongoing need for donors, even without a major tragedy or disaster unfolding. And if you’re ineligible to give blood, both organizations welcome donations of money and time.

Bloodworks has centers across western Washington and in parts of Oregon. Cascade Regional Blood Services has donation centers in Tacoma, Federal Way and Puyallup.

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