Bipartisan Duo Hopes To Spark Conversation To End Tax Breaks

Feb 3, 2012

OLYMPIA, Wash. – A bipartisan duo of Washington lawmakers wants to end most tax breaks for businesses, nonprofits, farms, and others. The two representatives held a press conference Friday in Olympia asking their colleagues to rethink these tax exemptions.

The two representatives are Democrat Reuven Carlyle and Republican Glenn Anderson. They both agree some tax exemptions are necessary, especially those for small businesses. But the two lawmakers argue that other tax breaks are inconsistent and don’t actually help the state’s economy. Democrat Carlyle cited this example from his own district in Seattle.
Reuven Carlyle : “The Woodland Park Zoo pays a B&O rate that is higher than other cultural and arts organization because they haven’t been carved out. So let’s equalize that. It’s not about this one’s right and that one’s wrong and it’s my opinion or Glenn’s opinion. It’s about whether they actually work for taxpayers”

Carlyle and Anderson are proposing to eliminate most tax breaks. They are open to reissuing them but only after a full analysis of each one. The plan may not have the votes to pass, but the sponsors hope to at least spark a conversation about Washington’s current tax exemptions.

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