Banner Year For Ocean Salmon Fishing Projected

Mar 8, 2012

It's shaping up to be a banner year for sport and commercial salmon fishing on the coast. The Pacific Fishery Management Council has released its proposals for the length of the ocean fishing season and catch limits for 2012.

Captain Mike Sorenson says the outlook is all good. Sorenson operates a charter fishing boat out of Newport, Oregon. He describes the attitude on the docks Thursday as joyful and relieved.

Mike Sorenson: "The commercial fleet is gearing up to start April first. The talk that I hear from my other charter friends and recreational private boat owners are hopeful and just in a great mood knowing what we have returning."

Sorenson says the salmon abundance represents a remarkable rebound from 2008 and '09. Those years, ocean salmon fishing was virtually shut down off Oregon and California to protect dwindling returns to the Klamath and Sacramento Rivers. Fishery managers say the explanation for the strong turnaround includes improved river and ocean conditions in recent years.

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