Ballot Counting Continues As Wash. Governor’s Race Remains Undecided

Nov 8, 2012

Washington’s race for governor still hasn’t been called. Hundreds of thousands of ballots remain uncounted. A disproportionate number of those votes are in heavily Democratic King County, with nearly a third of the state’s electorate.

Democrat Jay Inslee retains a narrow lead over Republican Rob McKenna in the Washington governor's race.
Credit Deborah Wang

That would seem to bode well for Democrat Jay Inslee. Inslee retains a narrow lead over Republican Rob McKenna.

The conventional wisdom and the statistical analysis would seem to suggest that, while the race may tighten, Jay Inslee will be the next governor of Washington. But nobody’s conceding and nobody’s declaring victory just yet.

In order to win, the McKenna campaign would need to gain a significant advantage among last minute voters. Since election night, McKenna has improved his performance in King County, but not dramatically.

Still, it’s possible the outcome of this race will remain unclear into early next week.

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