Backers Of Idaho Education Overhaul Blame Union Dollars

Nov 7, 2012

Idaho voters rejected a series of laws that overhauled education in the state. The three laws passed in 2011 at the urging of the Republican state schools superintendent.

Credit Photo Credit: Jessica Robinson

The now-repealed measures limit teacher bargaining rights, create a pay for performance system and ramp up technology in the classroom. The campaign to overturn the laws included teachers and parents. It also brought in big dollars from the national teachers union.

Republian Idaho Governor Butch Otter supported the laws. He says outside money helped turn the race.

Otter: “The union spent a whole lot more money trying to characterize the reform as an effort to get rid of teachers than Romney spent, than Obama spent in the state of Idaho trying to get elected as president.”

Campaign finance reports released just before the election showed New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg also had a hand in the campaign. He contributed $20 thousand to the side backing the laws.

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