Authorities Uncover Source Of Mystery Spill On Columbia River

Mar 28, 2017

The source of a mysterious sheen on the Columbia River has been found, nearly 10 days after its initial discovery.

The Washington Department of Ecology released a statement Monday, saying leaking underground pipes caused a biodiesel spill near Wenatchee.

Rob Walls from the department’s response team says the size of the leak is unknown.

“You know, we need to kind of do a lot of calculations to figure out what exactly was released to the river," Walls said. "For me I would call this a moderate, moderate event, because there are so many unknowns still to find.”

No more biodiesel is flowing from the pipes.

Coleman Oil, Incorporated, the party responsible for the spill, will come up with a plan to prevent pollutants already in the soil from entering the river.

Sanctions for the company will be based on a damage assessment. Walls says the company’s willingness to help with the investigation could also impact the sanctions.

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