Attorneys Paint Dueling Pictures Of Mohamud

Jan 14, 2013

Attorneys laid out opening statements Friday in the trial of a young man accused of a bomb plot. The FBI enacted a sting operation that led to the arrest of Mohamed Mohamud. From Oregon Public Broadcasting, April Baer reports.

Federal prosecutor Pam Holsinger held up the phone Mohamed Mohamud was holding when he was arrested in 2010 - the phone he'd used to punch in what he thought was the code to set off a bomb downtown. Holsinger said Mohamud built a rich online life, posting articles to the magazine Jihad Recollections, and corresponding with people the government was concerned about. Holsinger said when the FBI stepped in it was an intervention.    

But defense attorney Steve Sady said the government's story leaves out key early stages of the case. He said the defense will show Mohamud was resistant to meeting with undercover agents. "Don't call me,"Mohamud wrote to them, "I'll call you." Sady said the FBI worked on the defendant using everything they learned in months of full-time surveillance. In the end, he said, the defense will prove the FBI went too far and created a crime.

The trial continues on Monday.

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