Army Soldiers Help Fight Fires In Oregon

Sep 11, 2017

U.S. Army soldiers from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, in Washington State, are helping fight fires in southern Oregon. 200 soldiers have been deployed to the Umpqua North Complex of Fires, which has burned nearly 40,000 acres east of Roseburg.

When federal firefighting resources are tapped, military troops can be deployed to help. Captain Tony Sagastizado says the soldiers of US Army Task Force Spearhead completed their training on Saturday and went to work on the fire lines Sunday.

 “If you’re a soldier in the United States military, there’s certainly an allure of suddenly becoming a firefighter," Sagastizado said. "That’s one thing that as a kid you just want to be is like either a soldier, a firefighter, or a police officer and they are all definitely excited.  They are definitely motivated to conduct these type of operations and working with some of the best firefighters in the nation.”

Sagastizado said the soldiers will be moving on soon to help fight another fire. Fire officials are expecting hot weather to make conditions more challenging for crews this week.

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