Archbishop Tutu’s Address At Gonzaga Focuses On Human Equality

May 14, 2012

At Gonzaga University’s commencement, Archbishop Desmond Tutu mixed humor with a serious message to the graduating class.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has repeatedly reminded the world that he is retired from speaking, but that didn't stop him from addressing Gonzaga’s largest ever graduating class.

His address was much anticipated, though protested by some alumni members who claim the Archbishop’s beliefs on contraception, sexual orientation, and abortion should, "disqualify him from receiving any honors from a Catholic institution." Regardless, he took the podium smiling. He had the Arena laughing multiple times, including during a knock-knock joke about an angel coming to tell the Virgin Mary she would birth the son of God.

“You want me to be what? An unmarried mother. Sorry, I’m a decent girl, try next door.”

But the heart of his message promoted equality, and a charge for the seniors to embrace all people.

“Jesus said I will draw all, all, black, white, yellow. Hey, all, all! Gay, lesbian, so called straight, ALL, all, all…”

More than 1,000 seniors, and their friends and family, heard the messages from Archbishop Tutu and Hobbs on Sunday, kicking off a year of celebrations for GU’s anniversary.

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