Apparent Murder Of Patient First At Western State In Almost 20 Years

Apr 23, 2012

A fight over unwanted sexual behavior may have led to the apparent murder of a patient at Washington’s Western State Hospital. Prosecutors have not yet filed charges in connection with the death last Friday.

It was around 3 o’clock last Friday afternoon that staff at Western State found the victim, 28 year old Paul Montefusco in another patient’s room. Lt. Chris Lawler of the Lakewood Police Department describes the scene.

Chris Lawler: “The victim that was on the floor had a pen shoved into one of his ears and he had like some shaving cream on his head. So it didn’t look like an expected death or a natural death.”

The suspect tells police Montefusco entered his room, urinated on him and then began unwanted sexual behavior. That triggered a fight and the stabbing. Afterwards, the 40 year old suspect apparently sprayed shaving cream on the victim before retreating to another room. Both men were non-criminal patients in the civil commitment ward at the mental hospital. The CEO of Western State calls it a “tragic death” and the first incident of its kind at the hospital in nearly 20 years. The suspect who is a registered sex offender is now being held for 2nd degree murder.

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