Anti-Tax Activist Tim Eyman Blasts Car Tab Proposals In Olympia

Feb 25, 2013

 He is synonymous with keeping Washington car tabs at $30. Now anti-tax initiative sponsor Tim Eyman is fired up again. He testified in Olympia Monday against a series of proposals to allow local transportation districts to impose higher vehicle fees. Eyman says even Seattle voters have demonstrated a scorn for car tab hikes.

Initiative sponsor Tim Eyman, in a $30 car tabs shirt, listens after testifying in the Washington House Transportation committee against proposed vehicle fee increases.
Credit Northwest News Network

  “With every vote that’s ever been had on higher car tab taxes at the ballot, the voters find this a completely radioactive unacceptable revenue source," Eyman says. "And yet instead of accepting that decision you’re allowing local governments to cheat and take the money anyway.”

Eyman sported a green $30 car tab shirt as he testified.

Over the years, Eyman has sponsored numerous ballot measures to limit car registration fees. However, city council members from Kirkland and Tacoma testified that their communities have backlogged transportation needs and not enough money to pay for them.

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