Animals Rescued From Taylor Bridge Fire

Aug 14, 2012

As the Taylor Bridge Fire continues to be battled from the air, people are looking for a safe place to put their cows, horses, llamas and other livestock. The fairgrounds in Ellensburg are holding at least 150 large animals.

Jessica Schademan works in the office for the Ellensburg Rodeo and says the facility is starting to fill up.

Schademan: “I know people have been turning their animals loose. There will be horses walking down the road. People will pick them up in their trailers and take them to the rodeo grounds. Everyone is just trying to get everyone out—all the animals. They’re just putting them in pens. We don’t know right now—unless people are like, these are my horses, we’re not quite sure whose animals belong to who.”

More volunteers are needed to help supply fresh food and water to the animals. A few veterinarians are on hand to make sure the animals are healthy and to spot any horses suffering from colic. It’s an intestinal condition that can be brought on by stress. It can be fatal.

Smaller animals, such as dogs and cats, are being taken to local veterinarian clinics.

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