This American Life Celebrates Its 500th Episode

How time flies! This American Life celebrates its 500th episode this week, with a "Best of" show, airing this Saturday at noon on the NPR News Service, and this Sunday at 7:00 PM on the NPR and Classical Music Service of Northwest Public Radio.

How did the Peabody Award-winning show make it to 500? Read Adam B. Vary's article in Buzzfeed for the history, and a look back at some episodes, of the show that consistently remains at the top of the iTunes charts with 850,000 downloads a week, on top of its 1.8 million radio listeners

At the heart of every episode is an interview. Recently, Ira talked about the art of interviewing, how This American Life differs from other shows, how it has changed over the years, and the business of radio, in these videos with Slate's Jacob Weisberg.

Ira Glass suffering from a 500-episode hangover.
Credit PRI

To celebrate the 500th episode, Ira asked the producers  to talk about their very favorite moments on the show. Some chose stories that have been more or less forgotten for years; others chose just one line of script, or a segment that secretly made them cry. So for the 500th episode, we bring you the best of This American Life — the way it's been heard, behind the scenes, all these years. 

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