Alaska Airlines Installing Power Outlets In New Seats

Apr 30, 2013

Alaska Airlines is installing passenger power outlets on many of its planes. It’s part of a switch to a new, slimmer seat allowing the Seattle-based airline to fit more people onto its jets.

The powered seats will eventually be on many longer routes, including ones out of Seattle and Portland.

The airline’s Marianne Lindsey says each seatback will have plug-ins for laptops, tablets, cell phones and similar devices.

“Something that our customers have told us once and again has been that they would love to have power.”

Lindsey says the new seats will provide the same amount of space as existing ones. But they are a couple inches thinner, front to back, than current models. That allows the airline to install six to nine additional seats on a plane.

Travelers-advocacy groups say the new design reduces some padding and won’t be as comfortable.

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