After Investigation, Rescue Specialists Work To Save Animals

Feb 27, 2012

ELK, Wash. -- A team of national animal rescue specialists have flown into Spokane to help relocate and treat about 75 horses, goats, and other animals. Paige Browning has more on a search warrant that led to a dire farm discovery.

Hill: “As we look at the situation most of them are rating on a body condition score of thin to even emaciated”.

That’s Nancy Hill, the Director of Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service, or SCRAPS. Hill says a farm owner in Elk, north of Spokane, didn’t show improved animal treatment after they performed ongoing investigation. That’s when they executed a search warrant.

Hill: “We have one goat that’s in fairly critical condition and I don’t know if that animal’s going to be saved. Some of the investigators on scene were a little upset today because there are a number of dead animals on the property”.

Two national level responders from the American Humane Association flew in to help with the large animal rescues. Treating the animals will drain most of SCRAPS' rescue funds. They ask for donations online.

Hill says the owner of the property has cooperated with the warrant. Investigation of animal cruelty will continue.

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