After Car Tab Increase By Sound Transit, State Senator Looks To Lower The Tax

Mar 27, 2017

Western Washington drivers, especially those with newer cars, are having sticker shock over their latest car tab fees. The fees went up, based on the Sound Transit 3 measure that voters approved in November. Those charges would be lower under a proposal in Olympia.

The bill would change the formula that Sound Transit uses to collect taxes for the ST3 ballot measure. Right now the excise tax is based on a vehicle's age.

Republican Senator Steve O'Ban's proposal would base the tax on vehicle age, condition, and any special features.

That would mean the car's worth, and associated taxes, would go down.

Sound Transit says that kind of change could result in less revenue, and that some transit projects could be delayed or canceled. A spokesperson says they are considering other changes to lower car tabs for some drivers.

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