Accused Elections Worker Says She Doesn't Remember

Nov 29, 2012

A Clackamas County woman indicted on felony charges of ballot tampering spoke out Thursday, saying she had no agenda to try to influence election results, and that she does not remember the moments when the alleged violations occurred.

In a press conference, carried by KATU Channel 2 News, Deanna Swenson apologized to her husband and family for all the trouble the charges have caused. She also disputed prosecutors' story of what happened.

"I never intentionally did anything that the press say I did."

Reporter: "Deanna, do you remember doing this?"

"That's just it, I don't. I don't remember. When the co-worker pulled the paper from my hand, that's when I realized what I'm being charged for."

A grand jury indicted Swenson on six counts of ballot tampering and misconduct stemming from an alleged incident in late October, as elections workers were preparing ballots for the official count.

Swenson said she's had episodes of forgetfulness at home, and has been working elections in Clackamas County for 15 years.

She'll be arraigned next Tuesday.

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