4 Wolves Get A Reprieve From Government Kill Order

Aug 31, 2012

State officials have called off orders to kill four members of a wolf pack in Northeastern Washington. Ashley Ahearn reports.

The Wedge Pack has had repeated run-ins with livestock on the Diamond M ranch. Earlier this month officials with the state Department of Fish and Wildlife killed a female member of the pack in an attempt to prevent further cattle loss.

Since then, one calf has been killed and another injured. That prompted the Department to issue a kill order for 4 more members of the pack. Officials estimate there are up to 11 pack members total. Dave Ware is the game division manager for the DFW.

Ware: "We’re convinced that this pack is killing livestock and they’re doing it repeatedly and so that’s why we initiated this action."

For over a week the DFW has been out hunting for the Wedge Pack with no success.

7 environmental groups sent a letter calling on the agency to stop the hunt.

On Thursday the Department of Fish and Wildlife agreed, but they said that they will consider removing more wolves from the Wedge Pack if the predation continues.

There are 8 confirmed wolf packs in Washington. A new pack was just confirmed in Oregon this week.

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