3.6 Earthquake Felt By Gig Harbor Science Teacher

Aug 20, 2013

An earthquake measuring 3-point-6 was felt on the Key Peninsula this morning. The University of Washington Seismology Lab says the quake happened around 11:40 and was centered some 15 miles west of Tacoma.

No damage or injuries were reported.

But, Laurel Kingsbury, who lives in Rosedale, in Northwest Gig Harbor, says she felt it, and it surprised her.

“As everything was shaking and rattling, it then just stopped as suddenly as it started, and it felt to me it was only a few seconds" says Kingsbury.

Kingsbury was at home, taking care of her two children at the time.

She has worked as a 6th grade math and science teacher and frequently teaches about earthquakes.

She says she had to laugh at herself for her lack of preparation.

“So, ironically, I have drilled it into my students to have an earthquake preparedness kit, and have a safe spot with your family to meet, and yet I didn’t even have one here in my own home" says Kingsbury.

Kingsbury says she plans to immediately remedy the situation and build an earthquake kit for her family.

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