2nd Stryker Brigade Deploys to Afghanistan

The Pentagon says troops with Joint Base Lewis McChord’s 2nd Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division will deploy to Afghanistan in late spring.

The soldiers are expected to serve a nine-month deployment.

KUOW’s Patricia Murphy reports.

The Department of Defense says about 4,000 troops from “Task Force Lancer“ will work to support the government of Afghanistan.

The DoD says troops will partner with the Afghan National Security Forces, to help with their national security.

It’s the first deployment to Afghanistan for the 2nd Stryker Brigade.

They used to be known as the 5th, which made news after 12 members were investigated for war crimes.

The Brigade deployed twice to Iraq while stationed in Korea and at Fort Carson Nevada.

The unit has done extensive training in preparation for deployment including three brigade field exercises in Yakima and a rotation to the National Training Center in California last year.