Sueann Ramella

Social Media Manager

Growing up in the Tacoma-Puyallup area, Sueann Ramella remembers being a precocious young reporter for her school paper. A big fan of shows like 60 Minutes and 20-20, she dreamed of one day being a hard-hitting journalist, uncovering scandals and exposing the hidden truth. She attended Washington State University, studying journalism. It was there that she discovered her love of radio. Sueann began working for Northwest Public Radio in 1997 after her sophomore year, and has been with us ever since.

In 2000 she became the host of All Things Considered, and then in 2008 switched to hosting Morning Edition. Even after a few years, she still has trouble getting up so early. After she shuts off her alarm in the morning, she lies there trying to think of something to tempt herself enough to get up. It’s usually coffee or cereal. On the really tough days she thinks of cookies.

Sueann has more hobbies than she has time to indulge. She enjoys creating things, whether sewing, knitting, baking or drawing, and recently she has been trying her hand at hobby farming, dabbling in the challenge of self-sufficiency on a few acres behind her home. She raises chickens and grows more than a dozen different vegetables, all in Burberry-plaid boots of which she is inexplicably proud. Who says you can’t farm in style?


Northwest News
9:56 am
Mon September 16, 2013

Can't Hear Us? There Are Several Stations Off-Air (UPDATE)

UPDATE 11:15 AM:  All stations have now returned to air. Thank you for your patience.

Due to strong winds overnight in the Moses Lake area, a satellite dish allowing stations to receive audio became nonaligned and several of our stations are off-air. These stations include 91.5 FM Moses Lake/Ephrata, 90.3 FM Wenatchee, 89.9 FM Ellensburg, and 91.3 FM Leavenworth. An engineer is working to correct the problem as quickly as possible.

StoryCorps NW
7:04 am
Wed September 11, 2013

StoryCorps Northwest: The Colonel, And We, Make Three

That was Jan Michelle Lowell and Mike Isaacs of Yakima talking about restoring the Colonel, the town's only public statue and what they learned in the process.
Credit Storycorp

Inspired by the life and activism of a friend, Jan Michelle Lowell and Mike Isaacs of Yakima decided to work together on a community project. They raised funds to replicate the town's only public statue, the 110-year old Spanish-American War memorial of Colonel J.J. Weisenberger, a much loved military leader and a signer of the Washington State Constitution. Jan and Mike want to move the statue from its current location on Yakima Avenue, to the Yakima Valley Museum for preservation.

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StoryCorps NW
7:37 am
Wed September 4, 2013

StoryCorps Northwest: "...And You're Daddy!"

Patrick and Mikki Boughton. Patrick shares how hesitant he was to becoming a step-father.
Credit StoryCorps

These days it’s not uncommon for people with no children to marry single parents. But it doesn’t always mean an instant family. Today on StoryCorps Northwest, you’ll hear from Patrick and Mikki Boughton of Yakima, talking about the forging a family and the struggle they experienced through some daunting obstacles.

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StoryCorps NW
7:33 am
Wed August 28, 2013

StoryCorps Northwest: Brains and Brawn, Farming In The Yakima Valley

Charlie de la Chapelle (L) Cragg Gilbert (R)
Credit StoryCorps

When you think of farming in America, you may think of golden fields, red barns and abundant orchards.        You may imagine a  farmer in overalls, sitting on a tractor. But what about a farmer sitting in class -- at a university? Cragg Gilbert and his cousin Charlie de la Chapelle discuss how education and research are today's tools in farming.

Copyright 2013 StoryCorps and  Northwest Public Radio 

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Northwest News
12:57 pm
Fri August 23, 2013

Will You Watch Al Jazeera America?

Founding Dean of The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication, Lawrence Pintak.
Credit Courtesy of L. Pintak

Al Jazeera America is live and available to 48 million homes in the US. But how many viewers will tune in? Lawrence Pintak, founding dean of The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University and Northwest Public Radio commentator, says viewers who are tired of celebrity news may give Al Jazeera America a try.

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StoryCorps NW
7:32 am
Wed August 21, 2013

StoryCorps Northwest: Giving a Voice to the Yakima Valley

Ricardo Garcia (L) and his friend Nieves Negrete of Yakima talk about the first Spanish-language community radio station, KDNA. Negrete interviewed Garcia for StoryCorps.
Credit StoryCorps

KDNA, the country's first Spanish-lanuage community radio station, was founded by Ricardo Garcia of Yakima. Garcia worked with Cesar Chavez, and established the Yakima Valley Farm Worker’s Clinic.

Copyright 2013 Northwest Public Radio 

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Music + Culture
8:47 am
Thu August 8, 2013

Bruce Bradberry Remembers the Zonkey

A young Bruce Bradberry on a zonkey in Tijuana while on vacation with his Dad.
Credit Bruce Bradberry

Back in the 1960's, tourists to Tijuana would sit on a zonkey and have their picture taken. It was a good living for the owners of the zonkies (donkeys striped with lady's hair dye) but times have changed.

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6:01 am
Fri March 22, 2013

Psychiana: Moscow's Mail-Order Religion

Staff outside a new building on 3rd and Jackson streets in Moscow, 1934.
Latah County Historical Society

You’re probably aware of TV evangelists. They speak to you through the television, some claiming to heal you through the screen. Before television, there were radio evangelists, and mail-order evangelists. One of which offered a money-back guaranteed religion, and was headquartered in the Northwest. Sueann Ramella has the story of the Mail-Order prophet of Moscow, Idaho.  

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Northwest News
9:36 am
Wed October 24, 2012

WSU Coach Leach Bans Players from Tweeting

Washington State University Football Coach Mike Leach
WSU Athletics

By Joe Utter and Adam Lewis

Washington State University Coach Mike Leach banned players from using Twitter on Tuesday evening after a series of messages on the social media website was brought to his attention.

“Twitter is now banned around here so don’t expect anything on Twitter,” Leach said after Tuesday’s practice. “Twitter’s banned and quite frankly if after today you see anything on Twitter from our team-- and I don’t care if it says ‘I love life’-- I would like to see it because I will suspend them.”

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Dan Rather Interview
7:50 am
Fri September 28, 2012

Guts, Backbone, And Competition Needed To Save American Journalism, An Interview With Dan Rather

Photo Credit: WSU Murrow Symposium Web Page

CBS correspondent Dan Rather was awarded the Edward R. Murrow Award Thursday. Morning Edition Sueann Ramella had the chance to sit with him.

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