Sarah McDaniel

Membership Director

Radio has been an important part of Sarah’s life since she was a child and spent hours listening to various music stations from her small town in Idaho.  She cannot recall a time when she was without a radio, even when she spent summers working on a lookout for the US Forest Service.  In high school, she was part of a team that had a weekly news and music program on the local radio station.

Soon after she discovered public radio she became a volunteer, and then a staff member, for KTOO Radio and TV in Juneau, Alaska.   In 1994 she moved to the Palouse to where she currently manages membership (on-air, telephone outreach and direct mail) for Northwest Public Radio and TV. 

In addition to her duties at the station, Sarah serves as the vice-president of the Public Radio Association of Development Officers (PRADO), an organization that provides support, training and advancement for public radio development officers across the country.  In her spare time she reads, cooks, gardens and takes walks through the University of Idaho Arboretum for inspiration. 

Ways to Connect

Harvest time and the holiday season often remind us of our blessings. In this spirit, we asked Northwest Public Radio staff members to share some of the reasons they are grateful for living in the Pacific and Inland Northwest. Why do you love living here?  Send an email, photo, tweet or post on our Facebook page.

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It is late Saturday morning and with the first strains of Heidi Muller’s Good Roads, you know it’s once again time for Inland Folk with Dan Maher, a very popular show that's been around for more than 30 years.