Reed Michaelsen

Web Operations & On-Air Announcer

Reed Michaelsen developed and manages the web presence of Northwest Public Radio, at

He started at Northwest Public Radio in 2006 as an operations assistant and part-time evening announcer on the NPR News Service. From the fall of 2007, he attended the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, earning a degree in Geography in 2011, while seasonally returning to Pullman for on-air work. He has been a fill-in announcer and occasional local host for Morning Edition, Weekend Edition, All Things Considered, among many other shows on both program services.

In 2011, Reed returned to Northwest Public Radio to manage the station's transition to a new website, and today works at keeping it up-to-date, useful, and interesting for our worldwide audience (here's looking at you, Denmark, and your 2 monthly pageviews).

He spends his spare time trapped in frequent Driveway Moments™, especially when listening to Planet Money, Its All Politics, and This American Life


Retro Cocktail Hour
2:56 pm
Mon March 5, 2012

Cover Art From The "Space-Age"

From the late 1940s through the early '60s, the space race spawned a short-lived genre of "outer space exotica". Although the music on these records was often considerably less adventurous than the album covers promised, it's an fascinating mix of instrumental pop, electronic gadgetry, big band swing, movie music and garden variety elevator music. Here's a sampling of some memorable "space" records.

Click on the image gallery to see a sampling.

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11:00 am
Mon February 27, 2012

Northwest Public Radio for Android™ - App Now Available

Good news for those listeners with Android™ phones - we have released the Northwest Public Radio for Android™ app, available now in the Market. 

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12:44 pm
Thu January 26, 2012

Welcome to the New Home of Northwest Public Radio

Welcome to Northwest Public Radio! You've arrived at our entirely redesigned website, where you can easily find our regional newsprogram schedules, and brand-new community events calendar. We've also made it much easier for you to find our listen live streams (up top, over on the right, or at the bottom of every page), and to connect with us and other listeners with a new comment system.

WA Gay Marriage
6:56 pm
Mon January 23, 2012

Wash. Gay Marriage Proposal Gets Decisive 'Yes' Vote To Pass

The Washington State Capitol Building
Wikimedia user: Tradnor Wikimedia Commons

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Washington lawmakers say they now have the last “yes” vote they need to pass same-sex marriage in the state.

Cheers from gay rights supporters filled the room as state Senator Ed Murray announced that news at a press conference Monday in Olympia. The 25th vote comes from Democratic State Senator Mary Margaret Haugen.

Opponents of gay marriage want to put the idea to a vote of the people. So even though the legislative votes are there, Murray says same-sex marriage is not a done deal yet in Washington.

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6:15 am
Wed January 18, 2012

Living and Loving With Alzheimer's - Richard Lundgren and David Lundgren

Richard Lundgren, with his son, David.
StoryCorps Northwest

In the United States there are an estimated 5.4 million people with Alzheimer's disease. Two thirds of those are women over the age of 65. Dorothee Lundgren was diagnosed with the disease at much younger age, she was 49. In this StoryCorps excerpt, her husband, Richard Lundgren talks with their son, David, about how the disease changed the marriage.

11:29 am
Tue January 17, 2012

BLM Proposes Logging More Selectively, Replanting Fewer Trees

What happens if a timber harvest is a little more like a fire or windstorm that leaves patches of trees behind? And what happens if you don’t replant trees after logging? That’s what the Bureau of Land Management is proposing for a series of experimental timber sales in Southern Oregon. Amelia Templeton reports.

Climb into the hills east of Roseburg Oregon, and you’ll find patches of old growth forest—and a lot of old clear-cuts.

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12:00 am
Wed November 9, 2011

Special Collections: Kerstin Ringdahl and Fran Lane Rasmus

Kerstin Ringdahl and Fran Lane Rasmus
StoryCorps Northwest

Kerstin Ringdahl was born in Sweden in 1935. In her 30s she emigrated to the United States. She applied for a position as special collections archivist at Pacific Lutheran University, where she was a perfect fit. Her Scandinavian image helped a lot. Here she talks with her friend and colleague, Fran Lane Rasmus, about the early years of PLU and her job.