Kevin Rinker

Traffic Manager

Kevin Rinker started his work in radio during the summer of 2004 at student run station KTCV in Kennewick, Washington as a morning music show host. In addition to being a student in the radio broadcasting class associated with the station, he helped train new students taking the summer school class through his senior year of high school. Kevin came to Washington State University in 2007 to study Neuroscience and Psychology as an undergraduate, and continued to pursue his interest in radio as a part-time board operator for Northwest Public Radio.  Following graduation, Kevin remained working with NWPR as a board operator, and became Traffic Manager in 2012.

When he isn’t on his bicycle pedaling around the Palouse, Kevin can be found reading comic books (and sometimes “real” books), walking his dog, or attempting to make gluten-free, vegan meals that actually taste good.