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Bonnie Stewart spent 20 years reporting for daily metropolitan newspapers. She was on the projects team for The Indianapolis Star and The Press-Enterprise in Riverside. CA. Before joining OPB, she spent six years as a journalism professor at West Virginia University, where she taught public affairs reporting and ethics. In 2011, she published a book, “No.9: The1968 Farmington Mine Disaster,” which details the negligence that led to the death of 78 men. Her work has earned many awards, including the George Polk Award and the Sigma Delta Chi Award for public service. What I cover: Anything that impacts the environment. 

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 A Seattle think tank is questioning the financial stability of a company that wants to build two coal export terminals in the Pacific Northwest.

A Washington man was hit with more than one million dollars in fines and cleanup charges stemming from a derelict vessel’s oil spill in the Columbia.

The Washington Ecology Department fined Bret A. Simpson and Principle Metals LCC, four-hundred and five thousand dollars for the spill and billed them for another six-hundred and eighty thousand dollars in cleanup costs.

Simpson was scraping the barge, the Davy Crockett, in the river near Camas, Washington, when it began leaking oil in 2010.

The public is getting thirty more days to comment on a proposal to move coal through the Northwest.

The new public comment period begins December first for the Morrow Pacific coal project. It would transport coal by train to Boardman, Ore. From there, the coal would be loaded onto barges and shipped down the Columbia River.

Photo by: Petty Officer 2nd Class Eric J. Chandler / U.S. Coast Guard

COUMBIA RIVER, Wash. -- The U.S. Coast Guard and its contractors spent 10 months and $22 million last year removing the Davy Crockett from the Columbia River. The barge had broken apart during a botched salvage job, spilling oil and PCBs into the river.

Workers removed more than 38,000 gallons of oil from the ship. The cleanup was declared a success. But an EarthFix investigation has found that government officials could have prevented the oil spill and the need for a multi-million dollar cleanup.

Bonnie Stewart has the story.

Wikimedia user: Karduelis

Five forest projects in the Pacific Northwest have been awarded nearly 10-million dollars in federal funds for forest restoration. Today, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the funding and a new plan for managing the national forests.