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Spectrum glass, based in Woodinville, Washington, is one of three top art glass producers in the region. It's a competitor with Portland's Bullseye Glass, and a sometime collaborator with another Portland firm, Uroboros.

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Hundreds of people came to Vancouver's waterfront Saturday for a sun-baked demonstration against the fossil fuel industry, and its projects in the Northwest. April Baer reports.

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  Three Oregon congressmen have asked Sen. Ron Wyden to hold hearings about the financial problems faced by southern Oregon counties.

 Sheriffs, prosecutors, social service providers and others attended a summit on gun violence Wednesday, convened by U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall. The sessions focused on mental health, the legal tools for  disarming dangerous people and other public safety topics.

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 With sentencing ahead for the man convicted of Portland's holiday tree-lighting bomb plot, those who watched the trial are processing its outcome. One alternate juror says she was not surprised at the verdict.

All that remains is closing statements in the trial of Mohamed Mohamud (mo-hah-MOOD). Jurors will soon decide whether the 21-year-old defendant was responsible for the bogus plot intended to kill thousands at Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square, or whether the FBI lured him into it. From Oregon Public Broadcasting, April Baer reports.

Prosecutors rested their case against 21-year-old Mohamed Mohamud, a young man raised in Beaverton who stands accused of trying to use a weapon of mass destruction. From Oregon Public Broadcasting, April Baer reports.  

U.S. Attorneys' closing witness was Even Kohlmann, a consultant who analyzes messages and media from jihidist websites, and keeps a database of those findings. 

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A botched recording took center stage Friday morning at the trial of an Oregonian accused of a 2010 bomb plot. An FBI agent testified why a key face-to-face encounter was not recorded.

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Morning testimony in the trial of Mohamed Mohamud focused on some FBI agents involved in the case. Undercover agents worked with Mohamud on a plan to bomb Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square two years ago. The government says that while the device wasn't real, the threat posed by the defendant was.

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Tuesday prosecutors played video clips of undercover operatives working with Mohamed Mohamud. He's on trial for a plot to detonate a bomb in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square two years ago. The entire operation was an FBI sting.