Anna King

Northwest News Reporter

Anna King calls Richland, Washington home and loves unearthing great stories about people in the Northwest. She reports for the Northwest News Network from a studio at Washington State University, Tri-Cities. She covers the Mid-Columbia region, from nuclear reactors to Mexican rodeos.

The South Sound was her girlhood backyard and she knows its rocky beaches, mountain trails and cities well. She left the west side to attend Washington State University and spent an additional two years studying language and culture in Italy.

While not on the job, Anna enjoys trail running, clam digging, hiking and wine tasting with friends. She's most at peace on top a Northwest mountain with her husband Andy Plymale and their muddy Aussie-dog Poa.


Mountain Passes Open
7:40 am
Tue March 17, 2015

Northwest's High Mountain Passes Set To Open Early

April 2013 file photo of Washington's Chinook Pass. A low snowpack this year means the road is set to open earlier than usual.
WSDOT Flickr

Originally published on Mon March 16, 2015 3:49 pm

Several high mountain passes in the Northwest are set to have historically-early openings this year due to low snowpack.

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Washington Drought
7:39 am
Mon March 16, 2015

Washington Governor Declares Drought In Three Regions

Washington Governor Jay Inslee declared drought for three regions of the state on Friday, March 15, 2015.
Anna Trombley Washington Department of Ecology

Originally published on Fri March 13, 2015 3:02 pm

Washington Governor Jay Inslee declared drought today in three regions of the Evergreen state: the Olympic Peninsula, the east side of the Cascade Mountains including Yakima and Wenatchee, and the Walla Walla region. 

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Pasco Shooting
4:58 pm
Wed March 11, 2015

Tri-Cities Artists Respond To Pasco Shooting With Paint

Chris Cannon, 36, and his work "The People" at Washington State University Tri-Cities. His collages are part of an art show there titled 'Unmasked.'
Anna King Northwest News Network

Originally published on Thu March 12, 2015 9:18 am

Several artists in southcentral Washington state are responding to last month’s Pasco shooting.

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Hanford Nuclear Reservation
8:13 am
Thu March 5, 2015

Daughters of Hanford: A Curious Learner And Her Persistent Passion For Hanford Cleanup

Susan Leckband, 67, is curious and feisty about cleanup at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. She has been a member of the Hanford Advisory Board for 19 years.
Kai-Huei Yau

Originally published on Mon March 9, 2015 11:40 am

The Hanford Nuclear Reservation is one of the most contaminated sites on earth. And Susan Leckband is using her natural curiosity to help clean it up.

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Pasco Shooting
3:27 pm
Thu February 26, 2015

Attorney: Pasco Police Shot Zambrano-Montes From Behind

This diagram points out entry and exit wounds in the body of Antonio Zambrano-Montes as found by the family's hired autopsy.
Herrmann Scholbe

Originally published on Thu February 26, 2015 3:49 pm

The family of a man shot by police in Pasco, Washington, this month is challenging police investigators’ autopsy findings.

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Pasco Shooting
6:35 pm
Wed February 25, 2015

Investigation Finds Five To Six Bullets Hit Pasco Shooting Victim

Franklin County Proecutor Shawn Sant and Kennewick Police Sgt. Ken Lattin deliver a media briefing on Tuesday, February 19.
Anna King Northwest News Network

Originally published on Thu February 26, 2015 8:37 am

Kennewick police investigating the police shooting this month of Antonio Zambrano-Montes told reporters Wednesday bullets entered him from the front, and a rock was found near his body.

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Pasco Shooting
5:31 pm
Wed February 25, 2015

Tri-Cities Latinos Disappointed In Progress of Pasco Police Shooting Investigation

Credit Anna King / Northwest News Network

Kennewick police investigating the police shooting this month of Antonio Zambrano-Montes say so far they know bullets entered him from the front, and a rock was found near his body.

People have demonstrated against Pasco police and questioned whether officers used excessive force to stop him when, witnesses say, he was throwing rocks in traffic.

People from the Tri-Cities’ large Latino population gathered outside Wednesday’s Kennewick police media briefing to give reporters their opinions.

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Pasco Shooting
6:27 pm
Fri February 20, 2015

Additional Facts Emerge In Pasco, Wash. Police Shooting

Lizbeth Castaneda, 12, left, and her friend, Elizabeth Patrick, 9, both of Pasco. The girls came out to join in the protest and march last Saturday. Patrick said she witnessed the shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes near a busy grocery store and was scared.
Credit Anna King / Northwest News Network

In the Tri-Cities new facts emerged in the police shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes . Investigators said none of the three Pasco officers involved in the shooting were certified Spanish speakers. Latinos in Pasco have been protesting and calling for a federal investigation. 

Pasco is a farming town nestled snug into the confluence of the Columbia, Snake and Yakima rivers in southeast Washington. Onion peels flit like butterflies along the highways. But the shooting of a Latino man by Pasco police last week has thrust this fast-growing town into the national spotlight.

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Pasco Shooting
7:32 am
Fri February 20, 2015

Pasco Shooting: Some Tri-City Latino Community Members Say Feds Must Investigate

Protesters gather at the site of a police shooting.
Credit Anna King / Northwest News Network

Some Latinos in the Tri-Cities are renewing their call for a federal investigation into last week’s Pasco police shooting. They talked with the press outside a Kennewick police media briefing yesterday.

Felix Vargas of the Pasco business group Consejo Latino says he’s meeting with the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington next week. Vargas says he doesn’t want just the neighboring town of Kennewick’s police to conduct the investigation into the death of Antonio Zambrano-Montes last week.

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Pasco Shooting
4:26 pm
Thu February 19, 2015

Kennewick Police: Recovered All Bullet Fragments From Pasco Shooting

Ken Lattin with the Kennewick Police Department takes questions during a press conference last Friday.
Anna King Northwest News Network

Originally published on Thu February 19, 2015 4:19 pm

All the bullet fragments have been recovered from the Pasco police shooting scene and body of Antonio Zambrano-Montes.

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