Dan Maher originally fell in love with folk music as a teenager growing up in Spokane. A celebrated musician, he actually began his career in music during his college years at Washington State University, performing covers of the Eagles and Neil Young in venues around the area. His love for folk eventually led to his involvement with public radio as the host of what has come to be the weekly three-hour folk music radio show, Inland Folk, which is approaching its 31st year on the air. He is his own producer, editor and engineer for the show.

Growing up in the Tacoma-Puyallup area, Sueann Ramella remembers being a precocious young reporter for her school paper. A big fan of shows like 60 Minutes and 20-20, she dreamed of one day being a hard-hitting journalist, uncovering scandals and exposing the hidden truth. She attended Washington State University, studying journalism. It was there that she discovered her love of radio. Sueann began working for Northwest Public Radio in 1997 after her sophomore year, and has been with us ever since.

John Paxson is the news director for Murrow Public Media and Northwest Public Radio and Television. John’s job entails producing The Murrow Interviews and overseeing the news operations of the radio and television systems.  He is working to increase the amount of regional news and current affairs coverage on NWPR and is also developing a training program for young radio journalists.

Northwest Public Radio

Gillian Coldsnow traces her radio  roots back to her early days in Singapore.  Shortly after graduation from the National University of Singapore, where she majored in English and Philosophy, Gillian began working for the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation as a classical music host and producer.  She started the country’s first classical music magazine program for children. Along the way she picked up several awards including a special commendation from the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.

Crisis In The Housing Market
3:03 pm
Mon December 12, 2011

In Mortgage Crisis, Some Banks Agree To Cut Losses

Sharon Jordan (lower left) and her family (clockwise from top left: Rydell, Nikera and Anisha) are working with Bank of America and a Boston nonprofit to repurchase their duplex at its current market price — about half of the original value.
Aarti Shahani NPR

There's an unfamiliar trend emerging in America's troubled housing market. Big banks are volunteering to lose money — hundreds of millions for themselves and investors — in order to save homes at risk of foreclosure. And they're doing it in record numbers.

The year closed with a new trend: In 30 percent of private loan modifications, banks are doing a principal writedown — that is, hacking away at the amount owed as far down as the current market value. They're doing it so borrowers can actually afford payments. Two years ago, that 30 percent was just at 2 percent.

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12:00 am
Wed December 7, 2011

"Mudhole" and the Marines: Kenneth Merrill Sr. and Vernon Lott

Kenneth Merrill Sr. and Vernon Lott
StoryCorps Northwest

Today is the 70th Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Kenneth Merrill Sr., or Mudhole as his fellow marines call him, was a junior in high school then. In today's StoryCorps Northwest he talks with his nephew, Vernon Lott, about that day, and how he got his nickname.

12:00 am
Wed November 30, 2011

Her Little Pony: Claudia Casbolt and Denise Nichols

Denise Nichols and Claudia Casebolt
StoryCorps Northwest

When you were a little kid, did you want a pony? Many little girls have wished for a pony. Tacoma sisters Denise Nichols and Claudia Casebolt they got their wish, but sometimes what you wish for is a lot of work!

12:00 am
Wed November 23, 2011

Leaving the Kids Behind: Celest Allen

With Thanksgiving coming up, we're all thinking of some of our best family stories. Every family has those tales that come up around the dinner table every year. For Celest Allen, it's a family vacation gone awry.

Corinna Nicolaou
10:43 am
Tue November 22, 2011

A Vegetarian Thanksgiving: Corinna Nicolaou

NWPR Commentator Corinna Nicolaou
Corinna Nicolaou Northwest Public Radio

Facing the prospect of a turkey-less Thanksgiving?  Northwest Public Radio commentator Corinna Nicolaou was too when she became a vegetarian. She wondered how the meal could be delicious without meat infused gravy. Then she discovered the secret: vegetarian doesn't have to mean healthy...

You can read more of Corinna's commentary at her blog