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What was supposed to be the first day of school in Seattle has turned into the first day of a strike.

This is the first time in thirty years that Seattle public school employees have walked out.

Canyon Creek One Of Worst Fires On Record In Oregon

Sep 9, 2015
U.S. Department of Agriculture / Creative Commons

Wildfire season is not yet over in the Northwest. But Oregon officials say that this year is already one of the worst on record in terms of the number of homes consumed by fires.

The Canyon Creek Complex alone destroyed 43 homes and damaged at least 50 other structures.

"It's the most homes and structures that we've lost in a conflagration since our records go back to 1996," said Rich Hoover, who is with the Oregon Office of State Fire Marshal.

"Canyon Creek has really been kind of historical in that aspect," he said.

Oregon Governor's Office

The Oregon Governor's office has released the first five-thousand of more than 12,000 emails archived from the private account of the state's disgraced former governor. An initial glimpse into the trove of emails adds nuance to the ethics scandal that drove Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber from office back in February.

Unidentified: The Cold Cases Of Washington

Sep 9, 2015
Vancouver Coastal Health

About 100 unidentified dead people arrive at morgues around Washington state every year. Most of the John and Jane Does get identified in a matter of days or weeks. But about 10 percent aren’t.

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For the first time in 30 years, Seattle teachers union members are going on strike after failing to reach an agreement with the district on a new contract. Seattle Public Schools are closed Wednesday on what was supposed to be the first regular day of classes for more than 53,000 students.

Conrad Wilson / Oregon Public Broadcasting

Farmers in eastern Washington and Idaho are having a difficult time getting some of their crops to market. For years, many used the container ship service at the Port of Portland to get their lentils and chickpeas to countries like China, India and Peru. But a long running labor dispute drove container ship carriers from Portland last spring. 

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U.S. Agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack announced a key step Friday in completing a 1,200 mile trail from Glacier National Park to the Pacific Ocean. Hikers already use what's called the "Pacific Northwest Trail," but it has gaps, and isn't fully built out.

Northwest No Longer Top National Firefighting Priority

Sep 2, 2015
Alan Barbian

The Northwest is no longer the number one firefighting priority in the nation. With cooler temperatures and precipitation this week, fire activity has tapered off some in Oregon and Washington.

A new national study released this week indicates a shift in thinking when it comes to mental health. A majority of those surveyed say they value mental health and physical health equally. But Idaho remains one of the states with a high suicide rate, and low access to mental health care. 

Ashley Ahearn / KUOW/EarthFix

For more than a century, the snowmelt that fed the Dungeness River has provided water for farmers’ crops as well as for salmon journeying to the ocean and back.

It’s a system that’s worked well — except when there’s not enough water to go around. And now that this part of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula is caught up in the drought that’s afflicting much of the West, interest in building a new reservoir is on the rise.