Three counties are requiring a little extra in postage this year for mailing in ballots. Voters in Snohomish, Whatcom and Douglas counties need 68 cents in postage. A regular first class stamp is worth 47 cents right now. 

Aaron Kunz


Starting Monday people will get a chance to weigh-in on a controversial question: Should four dams come down on the lower Snake River? They’re facing renewed scrutiny because of a court-ordered analysis on how the dams are harming salmon.

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Editor's note: This story was written by a Northwest Public Radio listener as part of our "Walking Washington's History" series. 

We asked listeners to take one of ten historical walks in a book of the same name by Judy Bentley. Stories are have been edited minimally to preserve the writer's experiences, and all photos were provided by the participants.

Murray And Vance Debate Over State Budget And Education

Oct 24, 2016
Angela Nhi Nguyen / Northwest News Network

At the final debate between Democratic senior U.S. Senator Patty Murray and Republican challenger Chris Vance, the candidates discussed their priorities for the federal budget and the power struggle between the federal government and states when it comes to education. 

Seth Book

Last winter was the first time toxic algae in the ocean forced Oregon to close its Dungeness crab fishery. Scientists are just beginning to understand what triggers these conditions.

Emily Schwing / Northwest News Network

Alaska’s largest statewide native organization honored the Yakama Nation during their annual convention Thursday. The Yakama Nation loaned the Alaska Federation of Natives $225,000 to establish itself 50 years ago.

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People dressed as clowns have been scaring people on streets and forests across the country since August. Earlier this month, there were even sightings in western Washington and Oregon.

Brittney Tatchell / Smithsonian Institution

Kennewick Man is almost home. After 20 years of legal battles, scientific controversy and legislative wrangling, the ancient skeleton will be reburied on Northwest tribal lands. Here are four things you should know about one of the Northwest’s native ancestors.

Associated Press / AP Images

Eight people received non-life threatening injuries Wednesday morning in a gas explosion in Northwest Portland. The explosion caused a 4-alarm fire that destroyed one building and damaged several others in the surrounding blocks.

WSU Young Republicans Build Symbolic Trump Wall

Oct 19, 2016

A dozen or so students at Washington State University gathered in the center of the Pullman campus to show support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Their symbolic wall on Glenn Terrell Mall sported Trump's name in painted gold letters. They were countered by more than 200 protestors. 

Prosecution Delivers Closing Argument In Malheur Case

Oct 18, 2016
Associated Press / AP Images

Closing arguments have started in the Malheur occupation trial. Government prosecutor Ethan Knight started off Tuesday, telling the jury that “This is a case at its core about the rule of law.”

New Federal Action Plan For Puget Sound Restoration

Oct 18, 2016
Associated Press / AP Images

Puget Sound is a national treasure and deserves protections on par with Cheaspeake Bay and the Great Lakes. That was the message as officials announced a new memorandum of understanding that will direct restoration activities from the federal level. 

Final Malheur Occupier Nearly Left Before FBI Moved In

Oct 14, 2016
Associated Press / AP Images

The final occupier of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge took the stand Friday in his own defense. Occupier David Fry held an hours long standoff with federal agents in February before surrendering. Fry nearly avoided the final standoff entirely by leaving the eastern Oregon refuge early.

Associated Press / AP Images

Fans of Democrat Hillary Clinton braved pelting rain Friday to hear her speak in Seattle. They paid at least $250 each to get in but that didn't dampen their spirits either.

Tornado Hits Manzanita, Ore. In Early Morning

Oct 14, 2016
Allison Johnson / Northwest News Network

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A tornado hit the coastal town of Manzanita Friday morning. Clean-up has begun ahead of a second predicted wave of gusts and rain during the weekend. Witnesses say the tornado knocked down power lines and trees. No injuries have been reported yet.

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Associated Press / AP Images

Wind and heavy rain could make this weekend tough for Northwest residents. The storm could be rough for the Puget Sound's underwater residents as well. Big storms mean big water pollution.

A second, more significant storm is expected to hit Saturday night. Here’s what you can do to be ready:


Be prepared for wind. Get loose branches, furniture, toys, and so forth off your lawn and porch. If something can’t be moved, make sure it’s secured to the ground. You don’t want anything out there that could be flung through your windows.

Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington / FLICKR Creative Commons

A federal magistrate judge has sided with environmental groups over stream conditions for threatened fish in Oregon. The dispute involves more than a dozen watersheds, including the Willamette, Rogue and middle Columbia.

Oregon Department of Transportation / FLICKR Creative Commons

Oregonians will be able to use their drivers licenses to enter federal buildings until at least next June. That's because of an extension granted by the U.S. government this week.

John Ryan

Democrat Adam Smith is running to keep his seat in Congress. He represents a district stretching from Redmond to Tacoma. But most of his campaign cash hasn't come from Washington state. It's come from the Washington, D.C., area.

Malheur Trial Could Be Headed Toward Conclusion

Oct 12, 2016
Rick Bowmer / AP Images

Defense attorneys for seven people accused of occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon may soon rest their case.

Elaine Thompson / AP Images

Opening statements concluded Monday morning in the trial of the man accused of shooting attack at Seattle Pacific University in 2014.

Washington state set a new one-day record for voter registrations Sunday, topping 23,000 in a single day. Monday is the last day Washingtonians can register online in time to vote in the November election. Tuesday is the deadline to postmark a mail-in voter registration card. True procrastinators can register in person at their county elections office until Halloween.

Settlements Reached For Oso Landslide Victims

Oct 10, 2016
Associated Press / AP Images

Two years ago, the Oso landslide in Washington state killed 43 people and wiped out a rural neighborhood north of Seattle. Now a series of settlements have been reached for those affected by the landslide and the state has been order to pay an additional penalty. 

Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Northwest Republicans are denouncing and in some cases distancing themselves from Donald Trump because of his lewd comments about women. But not all.

Associated Press / AP Images

Northwest tribes continue to show support for the Standing Rock Sioux Indians and their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline. Over the weekend, the Confederated Tribes of the Colville delivered hand-smoked salmon and firewood to North Dakota. 

Associated Press / AP Images

A lawsuit claiming Oregon has failed to maximize revenues from state-owned forests, is gaining momentum. Circuit Court Judge Daniel Murphy has ruled Linn County’s suit against the state can become a class action.

Associated Press / AP Images

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has issued an executive order to address the state’s opioid epidemic. The order directs state agencies, tribal governments and private partners to implement a response plan that mainly focuses on prevention and treatment.

Birdie Davenport / Washington State Department of Natural Resources

Lake Kapowsin, in Pierce County southeast of Tacoma, is now Washington’s first freshwater aquatic reserve. The lake, relatively undeveloped, is mostly known for its trout and bass fishing, as well as a location for canoes and kayaks.

Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Ammon Bundy testified in federal court this morning that he was following a divine plan when he led the occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge earlier this year.