Special Session
5:08 pm
Thu April 23, 2015

Inslee: Budget Deal Will Require Special Session

Credit M.O. Stevens / Flickr

Washington Governor Jay Inslee will call lawmakers back into special session starting next Wednesday . The Democrat made that announcement Thursday afternoon. Inslee plans to invite budget negotiators to meet on Monday in order to get a head start on the special session.

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Emergency Responders
4:34 pm
Thu April 23, 2015

Northwest Public Radio Wins A Murrow

Credit Reed Michaelsen


Northwest Public Radio is proud to present this encore of our Murrow Award-winning feature from February 2014, profiling the uncanny life-saving instincts of the men and women who work in 911 emergency centers. 

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Music + Culture
3:42 pm
Thu April 23, 2015

Celebrating with the Bard

Bill knew where to tune - NWPR!
Credit NWPR

Happy Birthday to the Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare! As you heard all throughout April 23 on Northwest Public Radio, his theatrical genius has inspired countless composers over the centuries. Since music is "the food of love," play on!

Check the "Schedules and Playlist" tab for all the Shakespeare related music on the April 23 playlist. 

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Medical Debt
7:47 am
Tue April 21, 2015

Healthcare Reform Leaves Widespread Medical Debt Largely Untouched

District Court Judge Kevin Roy says medical debt comprises well over half the court files awaiting his signature each week.
Credit Rowan Moore Gerety / Northwest News Network

At the Yakima County courthouse, Presiding District Court Judge Kevin Roy walks past a rattling dot-matrix printer and long rows of color-coded folders to a shelf of files awaiting his signature. “If I was to pull one of these files, Judge Roy says, taking one from the shelf, “Yep, Memorial Physicians, PLLC. That’s not by luck.”

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Housing and Urban Development
7:38 am
Tue April 21, 2015

HUD Secretary Announces New Round Of Funding For Housing For Homeless Vets

HUD Secretary Julián Castro announced new initiative from the U-S Housing and Urban and Development department will help homeless veterans with mental health issues find housing.
Credit AP Images

A new initiative from the U.S. Housing and Urban Development department will help homeless veterans with mental health issues find housing. HUD Secretary Julián Castro made the announcement in Seattle today.

HUD is partnering with the department of Veterans Affairs to help get veterans connected to housing and to VA services.

This new round of money will help about 9-thousand veterans across the country. That's about a fifth of the overall population of homeless veterans in the U.S.

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Arctic Drilling
5:38 pm
Fri April 17, 2015

Shell Oil Rig Arrives In Puget Sound

Shell Oil plans to use the Polar Pioneer, a 400 foot tall oil rig, to drill this summer but environmentalists oppose the exploration.
Credit Backbone Campaign / Flickr

A 400 foot tall oil rig has arrived in Port Angeles. Shell Oil plans to use the Polar Pioneer to drill this summer, off Alaska’s North Slope. Environmentalists oppose the exploration - many were in Port Angeles Friday for what they called an "unwelcoming". 

Among them, Michael Bittner. He said the arrival of the Polar Pioneer felt like an invasion.

"To have something come into our region that has already been said to pose a catastrophic risk to the Arctic and global climate is really devastating to see here," Bittner said.

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Arctic Drilling
5:29 pm
Thu April 16, 2015

Shell Arctic Drilling Rig Expected In Port Angeles

Port of Seattle
Credit Google Images

Shell Oil’s Arctic drilling rig, the Polar Pioneer, is expected to arrive Friday in Port Angeles, Washington.

Shell has just received the necessary federal permits to drill for oil in the Arctic and will be staging its fleet in Seattle, despite a lawsuit filed by environmental groups and an investigation launched by the Seattle City Council.

Activists have warned of a flotilla of kayaks that would extend a less-than-warm welcome to Shell when it arrives at the Port of Seattle.

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Idaho Legislative Session
5:02 pm
Thu April 16, 2015

Idaho Child Support System At Risk

Credit Google Images

Idaho Governor Butch Otter says the state has less than 60 days to become compliant with federal regulations, or the state's ability to process out-of-state child support payments would be in jeopardy.

Just before the 2015 legislative session ended last week, members of a House committee killed a bill to bring Idaho into compliance. Otter says the state must do something, but says he isn't ready to call a special legislative session.

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Coffee: The Basics
9:27 am
Thu April 16, 2015

Coffee 101: What You Need To Know

Credit Matthew Hamm /

So you love your coffee, but do you know your beans? To help you get started on your way to becoming a coffee aficionado, here are some coffee basics.

Where The Beans Come From

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Reclaimed Water Beer
7:13 am
Thu April 16, 2015

Sewer Water Beer Wins Oregon Regulators' Approval

Finalists in the Clean Water Services homebrew competition.
Credit Amelia Templeton / EarthFix

A wastewater treatment operator wants to give its recycled sewer water to a group of home brewers so they can turn it into beer.

On Wednesday, state environmental regulators approved the idea.

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