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Rabbits are supposed to breed like, well, you know. But that’s not what’s happening to Washington’s pygmy rabbits. The state’s palm-sized rabbits are endangered. And for more than a decade, the state’s pygmy rabbits have struggled to come back from the brink of extinction. Recently biologists tried to kick-start a second population. But those rabbits are missing.

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A new study released  from the Pew Charitable Trusts shows Oregon ranks fifth in the country in voter turnout, and eighth in voter registration. The study is based on 2014 election figures.

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Most banks refuse to do transactions with marijuana businesses, because it's still illegal under federal law. Washington's 10th District Congressman Denny Heck is pushing legislation to change that. He'll meet with industry reps and law enforcement Tuesday to talk about the proposal.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Endorses TPP

Aug 8, 2016

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is endorsing a controversial trade agreement opposed by both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The governor says Congress should approve the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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If you're not all that excited about voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, you're in luck.

SeaPort Airlines Faces $500,000 Fine For Failing To Inspect Engines

Aug 4, 2016
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  The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed a $500,000 fine for SeaPort.

Portland-based SeaPort runs what are known as ‘puddle jumpers’ between towns and larger cities, like Pendleton-to-Portland and El Dorado-to-Houston.

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    Nestlé’s plans to build a commercial water bottling plant in another Northwest town is stirring up more controversy. The mayor of Waitsburg resigned this week amid accusations of back-room deals and protests of the plan by many area residents.

Nestlé wants to build a water bottling plant in the Northwest. It looked to Cascade Locks, Oregon, but voters in Hood County effectively blocked the plan.

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In one of their final appearances before next month’s trial begins, defendants accused of conspiring to occupy the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge were again in a federal courtroom in Portland Wednesday.

Northwest Public Television brings you the PBS documentary Spillover - Zika, Ebola, and Beyond, Wednesday night at 10 p.m. 


Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Comcast.

Oregon Prosecutors Outline Refuge Case In Memo

Aug 1, 2016

Federal prosecutors in Oregon filed a trial brief Friday outlining their case against the occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The story prosecutors tell is one of a premeditated takeover that had all the ingredients to escalate into a violent firefight.

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Olympic runners from the Northwest declared themselves prepared and ready to go at a final track meet stateside before flying to Brazil for the Summer Games. Hayward Field in Eugene hosted the first of what the organizers hope will eventually become a big money American track meet circuit, dubbed the TrackTown Summer Series. 

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Washington’s Attorney General Bob Ferguson said Friday he’s opposed to a proposal for the nation’s largest oil-by-rail terminal in Vancouver. He’s the highest ranking state official to come out against the project.

In a statement, Ferguson says protecting the environment and public safety are his top priorities. He says the potential benefits of the oil terminal in southwest Washington outweigh the risks and costs of a spill.

The Vancouver Energy Project is currently in a trial-like phase of the permitting process before Washington’s energy council.

Is Washington Headed For A Honeycrisp Bust?

Jul 29, 2016
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The sweet, tart crunch of a Honeycrisp apple is a powerful food experience. It brings taste, smell, and sound together in a single bite. Is it any wonder that it’s one of the most popular apples in America? But becoming so popular - and profitable - so quickly, has some concerned about the variety’s future.

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If you look at your voters' pamphlet and see page after page of candidates trying to win your vote, you might think democracy is strong in Washington state. But look at the money behind the candidates, and you'll see there's much less competition than meets the eye. 

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The state finalized a plan Thursday to help more people with chronic mental illnesses — and to reduce confrontations between them and police.

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A coalition of groups and lawmakers is calling for legislation banning military-style assault weapons in Washington and Oregon.

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US Highway 12 just east of White Pass, will close Wednesday, July 27. 

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A federal judge has ruled that evidence federal law enforcement gathered from Facebook will be allowed into the September trial for those accused of occupying the Malheur Refuge. 

Renee Montagne talks to former Sheriff Sue Rahr, head of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, about the impact the recent police attacks in Baton Rouge and Dallas are having.

Courtney Flatt / Northwest Public Radio

Mount Adams rises above the horizon as Washington’s second tallest volcano -- 12,276 feet. It’s a peak that Northwest Public Radio’s Courtney Flatt has been dreaming of reaching for years. She convinced two friends to climb to the summit with her this summer, and sent an audio - and video - postcard. 

Vancouver Council Approves Refinery Ban

Jul 19, 2016
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The Vancouver City Council voted unanimously Monday night to ban future crude oil facilities and refineries.

Mayor Tim Leavitt says the new law shows the city council is committed to attracting industries that don’t pose a significant environmental threat.

“This ordinance tonight, I think is an important message coming from your city council, a value proposition that we are standing on and that is our community can be vibrant, it can be prosperous, it can be enjoyable without the sorts of industries could create circumstances otherwise,” said Leavitt.

Ryan Payne Pleads Guilty In Malheur Case

Jul 19, 2016
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One of the leading figures from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal district court in Portland. Prosecutors dismissed one of the charges against Ryan Payne.

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Oil company Tesoro has agreed to spend about four-hundred-million dollars to reduce air pollution from its refineries in Anacortes and other locations around the western United States.
That's under an agreement the Justice Department announced on Monday.

Nisqually Refuge Renamed To Honor Billy Frank Jr.

Jul 18, 2016
Jean Takekawa / United States Fish and Wildlife Service

US Interior Secretary Sally Jewell will be in Western Washington Tuesday for the renaming of a wildlife refuge near Olympia in honor of one of the region’s best known Native American leaders.

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A new study from researchers at Oregon State University and Stanford has found that when children engage in energy conservation habits, their parents also adopt those habits.

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Seabirds have been washing up dead on beaches in Washington and British Columbia this summer. Something is taking a toll on a funny-sounding, peculiar-looking seabird.

Gov. Brown Announces Plan To Curb Gun Violence

Jul 15, 2016
Conrad Wilson

Gov. Brown issued an executive order that requires Oregon State Police to maintain a database of firearm transactions for five years after the sale.

She also ordered State Police to notify local law enforcement agencies if a person prohibited from owning a gun tries to buy one.

“Gun violence is terrorizing America, tearing apart the very fabric of our communities and our families.”

Brown, who is running for re-election in November, ordered the Oregon Health Authority to issue gun death reports annually and make policy recommendations.

Malheur Refuge Occupier Says He Has Gender Dysphoria

Jul 15, 2016

The last holdout at the Malheur National Wildlife Occupation says he has gender dysphoria. Occupier David Fry had previously said he hoped to be reincarnated as a woman.

At a detention hearing this week, a judge asked Fry to explain his comment. The judge also asked Fry about a past escape attempt from a mental health care facility.

In an audio statement made from the Multnomah County Jail after the hearing, Fry explained.

Tom Banse / Northwest News Network

Audio Pending...

The U.S. Army is having unprecedented success this summer qualifying soldiers to compete at the upcoming Olympic Games in Brazil. The Army supports a corps of runners who nearly all come from the cradle of distance running champions in Kenya. Some live and train in Beaverton, Oregon. Correspondent Tom Banse explains why the Army is grooming Olympic athletes, a bunch of whom only recently became U.S. citizens.