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Presidential candidate Donald Trump is the projected winner of Washington state's republican primary.

He has won 76 percent of votes in the early results, but more ballots need to be counted.

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Ballots are due Tuesday night in the presidential primary election in Washington State. The Republican party will use the results to allocate delegates at the national convention. 

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U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown heard arguments Monday morning that could lay the groundwork for the upcoming trial against 25 defendants who took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. 

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Students from Portland high schools and colleges marched Monday to protest a banner hung in Forest Grove, Oregon last week. That banner suggested the United States should “build a wall” along the border with Mexico.

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All but one of Washington's delegates voted to align with Ted Cruz during the state's Republican convention over the weekend.

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The candidacy of Donald Trump for president is the talk of the nation. But there’s at least one person who doesn’t want to talk about it: Washington’s Republican candidate for governor Bill Bryant.

Courtney Flatt

If you’ve ever had chickpeas, lentils, or dry peas and beans, you’ve eaten pulses. Some think these dried legumes will become even more hip than quinoa and kale. There’s an international push to put more pulses on your table - and that’s good news for Northwest farmers and foodies.

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Some Washington state Republicans are expressing unease over Donald Trump as their apparent presidential nominee. Party stalwarts are gathered in Pasco Friday to elect delegates to the national convention in Cleveland this summer.

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Some foresters say many Northwest forests simply have too many trees. That makes them more prone to disease, insects - and most worrisome of all - mega-fires. But what’s the best way to thin out forests and bring these areas back to more natural conditions? Turns out, there’s an app for that.

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President Obama Thursday honored two of the Northwest’s leading scientists at a White House ceremony.