Dementia en Oregon Lawmakers Send 'Silver Alert' Bill To Governor <p>Oregonians could soon notice more alerts about people with Alzheimer's or dementia who have gone missing. Oregon lawmakers Friday sent a measure to the governor that would require law enforcement agencies to create plans to alert the public using any technology of the agency's choice.&nbsp;</p><p> Sat, 22 Feb 2014 00:56:09 +0000 Chris Lehman 41822 at Oregon Lawmakers Send 'Silver Alert' Bill To Governor Book News: Reading And Writing Slow Dementia, Study Says <em>The daily lowdown on books, publishing, and the occasional author behaving badly.</em><p><ul><p><li>A <a href="">study</a> published in the scholarly journal <em>Neurology </em>[subscription only] says that, although there is no cure for dementia, "reading, writing, and playing games" can slow the disease's progress. The scientists, led by Robert S. Wilson, asked 294 patients about their reading habits over the course of about 6 years, and then tested their brains for dementia after their deaths. Mon, 08 Jul 2013 11:01:00 +0000 Annalisa Quinn 30565 at