Ian Buruma http://nwpr.org en Book News: Turkish Protesters Form 'Taksim Square Book Club' http://nwpr.org/post/book-news-turkish-protesters-form-taksim-square-book-club <em>The daily lowdown on books, publishing, and the occasional author behaving badly.</em><p><ul><p><li>Erdem Gunduz, the protester known as "The Standing Man" who held a six-hour silent vigil in Instanbul's Taksim Square in response to clashes between Turkish police and demonstrators, has inspired protesters to form "The Taksim Square Book Club" — a group of demonstrators, some masked, standing silently and reading books. Wed, 26 Jun 2013 12:15:00 +0000 editor 29987 at http://nwpr.org