T. Susan Chang http://nwpr.org en These 10 Summer Cookbooks Will Make The Good Life Even Better http://nwpr.org/post/these-10-summer-cookbooks-will-make-good-life-even-better Toss out the china and pick up the picnic basket! Summer cookbooks are fanciful creatures — high on whimsy and shamelessly devoted to making a good life better. For some, that means lingering in the farmers markets or gardening with the kids. For others it's indulging in some usually forbidden pleasures — the fried, the icy sweet, the charred and meaty. And for some, it means crossing oceans to sample less familiar fare — without ever leaving the porch. There's something for everyone, but all go just fine with bare toes and a sun hat. <div class="fullattribution">Copyright 2014 NPR. Tue, 10 Jun 2014 17:02:00 +0000 T. Susan Chang 47302 at http://nwpr.org These 10 Summer Cookbooks Will Make The Good Life Even Better Wandering Appetites: Hunting The Elusive Noodle http://nwpr.org/post/wandering-appetites-hunting-elusive-noodle <em>On the Noodle Road</em> is one attempt to answer an old chestnut: Did Marco Polo really bring noodles from China to Italy? If not, where did they really come from? Or — to put it another way — from what point along the storied byways of the Silk Road did that humble paste of flour and water first spring into its multifarious existence?<p>This is the second outing from Asian-American food writer and Beijing cooking school proprietor Jennifer Lin-Liu. In her first, <em>Serve The People,</em> Lin-Liu chronicled her education in traditional Chinese food ways. Mon, 05 Aug 2013 21:11:00 +0000 T. Susan Chang 32064 at http://nwpr.org Wandering Appetites: Hunting The Elusive Noodle Feast For The Eyes: 3 Cookbooks Just For Looking http://nwpr.org/post/feast-eyes-3-cookbooks-just-looking I'm a cookbook reviewer, which means that every night I try recipes from far-flung cuisines or idiosyncratic food bloggers or test-kitchen perfectionists. I've always made a point of steering readers towards practical, thoughtful cookbooks that they'll use every week and hand down to their kids. But privately, there are some cookbooks I never cook from at all: frivolous books full of whimsical sugar art, devoid of nutritional value, and really, best eaten with your eyes. Sun, 23 Jun 2013 10:01:00 +0000 T. Susan Chang 29888 at http://nwpr.org Recipe Rebellion: A Year Of Contrarian Cookbooks http://nwpr.org/post/recipe-rebellion-year-contrarian-cookbooks "Just throw the whole lemon in the food processor for lemon bars."<br />"Don't just soak your dried beans — brine them!" Mon, 24 Dec 2012 16:08:00 +0000 T. Susan Chang 20238 at http://nwpr.org Recipe Rebellion: A Year Of Contrarian Cookbooks The Hard-Boiled Truth About Egg Soups http://nwpr.org/post/hard-boiled-truth-about-egg-soups The chicks arrived five months ago — eight gray, blond, black and tawny puffballs no bigger than the eggs they'd been hatched from a day earlier. They had a slavishly devoted audience within minutes and names within 24 hours. Wed, 31 Oct 2012 07:26:00 +0000 T. Susan Chang 17591 at http://nwpr.org The Hard-Boiled Truth About Egg Soups Stand Back When Snapping Turtles Crop Up In The Garden http://nwpr.org/post/stand-back-when-snapping-turtles-crop-garden Late spring in a New England vegetable garden is usually a time for the last asparagus, the crisp lettuce and arugula, the first pea shoots, and the first sprouting of warm-weather crops like peppers and zucchini. What you don't expect to see planted in your beds are <a href="http://www.tortoisetrust.org/articles/snappers.htm">snapping turtles</a>.<strong> </strong> But that's just what turned up in mine twice this week.<p>I was talking in my garden with a friend when I noticed what looked like a large leather satchel tossed in the strawberry bed. Fri, 25 May 2012 15:59:00 +0000 T. Susan Chang 8930 at http://nwpr.org Stand Back When Snapping Turtles Crop Up In The Garden