Business Support

Benefits of Business Support

Northwest Public Radio reaches over 170,600 listeners each week.*  Northwest Public Radio underwriters gain direct access to a receptive and responsive audience that is difficult to reach via any other marketing channel.

Northwest Public Radio delivers your message to discerning consumers that are community-minded, inquisitive, financially secure and well-educated-- consumers that are more likely to support you because you support Northwest Public Radio. When choosing where to spend money, our listeners see your support of their public radio station as the deciding factor.

95% of public radio listeners have taken some form of direct action as a result of hearing a sponsorship-- from attending a performance or cultural event…to visiting a website or stores…to purchasing a product or service.  Sponsorship messages result in action!

The Northwest Public Radio Development Team can design an underwriting schedule and develop announcement copy that meets your financial, marketing and philanthropic goals.  Your company’s underwriting plan can range from exclusive sponsorship of a specific program to a schedule that spans all segments of the day.  Best of all, from across the state right down to your own backyard, Northwest Public Radio can focus your reach.

In an increasingly fragmented and cluttered media world, Northwest Public Radio’s audience continues to grow.  We hope that your company will join us in partnership – in the commitment to provide excellence in programming.           

To request information on underwriting opportunities, call or email one of our regional specialists who will be glad to assist youJoin the 200+ business leaders who have already chosen to support Northwest Public Radio and begin connecting your business to our listening audience, today!

Business and  Community Sponsors


Northwest Public Radio Representatives

Network Coverage  |  Cricket Cordova  |  509-372-7162

Northwestern Washington and Victoria B.C.  |  Cricket Cordova  |  509-372-7162

Central Washington  |  Jamie Huber  |  509-662-4589

Eastern Washington, North Central Idaho  |  Kymberly Dahl  |  509-335-5563

Southwestern Washington, The South Sound, Tacoma, Olympia  |  Chelsea Roberts  |  253-589-5692


*Source: Nielsen Audio, Spring 2015