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Thanksgiving Specials 2017

Thanksgiving is on the way - a day of gratitude, family, music, food and reflection. Spend your Thanksgiving with Northwest Public Radio for a day of holiday specials full of stories, cooking tips and classical music.

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A horse was recently transported from Coos Bay with an acute case of equine herpes virus. While naturally occurring and common in horses, a mutated, neurotropic form of the virus can cause severe problems if untreated.

Erica McKenzie is a professor of Large Animal Internal Medicine at OSU.

Public Disclosure Commission

We've heard a lot about potential Russian manipulation of the 2016 presidential election. Now there's concern about shadowy online electioneering filtering down to the state and local level. This comes in the aftermath of a high-stakes state Senate race in Western Washington.


Washington lawmakers will return to the Capitol next week for “Committee Days” in advance of next January’s regular legislative session. Distracted driving and salmon net pens will be on the agenda.

Lawmakers will get an update on Washington’s new distracted driving law, which has been in effect since July. The law prohibits drivers from holding and operating their phones and other devices—even while stopped at a traffic light.

There will also be a review of last summer’s collapse of a net pen near holding more than 150,000 farmed Atlantic salmon.

Washington Republican Congressman Dan Newhouse is urging his colleagues to pass legislation that would give legal status to some undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children.

The Interior Department is set on changing up an Obama-era plan to protect greater sage grouse. That’s given stakeholders in the high-desert Northwest a lot to reconsider.

For more than 10 years, ranchers, conservationists and government agencies worked on a plan to keep the greater sage grouse off the endangered species list. That hard-fought compromise led to what many hoped would be a new way to protect species on the brink.

Getting To Know A Veteran Who Died A Century Ago

Nov 9, 2017
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This is a student multi-media project with Northwest Public Radio.  

Sometimes we grieve for people we’ve never met. Walking through a cemetery, looking at the graves of people who exist to you only as names in stone, it’s easy to wonder at the loss. It’s a shallow grief, not the long-term grief for a friend lost, but the fleeting interjection of some unknowable person into your periphery.

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On Tuesday, Republicans lost their one-vote majority in the Washington state Senate. That could open the door for a broader liberal agenda on the West Coast.


Yakima County voters weighed in on marijuana this election year – and the majority gave a resounding “no.”

Earlier this year, a gray whale calf died after getting tangled in crab pot lines near Seaview, Washington. Now commercial and tribal crab fishermen from the Washington coast have agreed to form a working group to discuss how to reduce the risk of a repeat.

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You might soon have “bottle shock” when your favorite Washington wine costs more. That’s because the state is proposing changes to how winery wastewater is handled.


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