How 'Insane' Was Campaign Spending To Control Washington Senate? $180 Per Vote

How much is your vote worth? It depends where you live. In Washington’s 45th district east of Seattle, moneyed interests paid close to $180 for each vote in just one race this year.

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The Interior Department is set on changing up an Obama-era plan to protect greater sage grouse. That’s given stakeholders in the high-desert Northwest a lot to reconsider.

For more than 10 years, ranchers, conservationists and government agencies worked on a plan to keep the greater sage grouse off the endangered species list. That hard-fought compromise led to what many hoped would be a new way to protect species on the brink.

Getting To Know A Veteran Who Died A Century Ago

Nov 9, 2017
Katherine Barner / Northwest Public Radio

This is a student multi-media project with Northwest Public Radio.  

Sometimes we grieve for people we’ve never met. Walking through a cemetery, looking at the graves of people who exist to you only as names in stone, it’s easy to wonder at the loss. It’s a shallow grief, not the long-term grief for a friend lost, but the fleeting interjection of some unknowable person into your periphery.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s Office / Flickr

On Tuesday, Republicans lost their one-vote majority in the Washington state Senate. That could open the door for a broader liberal agenda on the West Coast.


Yakima County voters weighed in on marijuana this election year – and the majority gave a resounding “no.”

Earlier this year, a gray whale calf died after getting tangled in crab pot lines near Seaview, Washington. Now commercial and tribal crab fishermen from the Washington coast have agreed to form a working group to discuss how to reduce the risk of a repeat.

Nicholas K. Geranios / Associated Press

You might soon have “bottle shock” when your favorite Washington wine costs more. That’s because the state is proposing changes to how winery wastewater is handled.

Mead Gruver / Associated Press

An initiative that would have fined rail cars carrying uncovered coal and certain kinds of oil through the heart of Spokane failed Tuesday night. Opponents of the measure said voters were concerned about the local economy, while supporters said they were simply outspent.

Supporters of Proposition 2 call theirs a “David and Goliath struggle.” According to Washington’s Public Disclosure Commission, the group in favor of Proposition 2, Safer Spokane, raised just over $7,000.

Ted S. Warren / Associated Press

Democrats are declaring victory in a special Washington state Senate race that will give them one-party rule in Olympia. A new vote tally Wednesday showed Democrat Manka Dhingra maintaining her lead in the 45th district race in the Seattle suburbs. 

Katherine Barner / Northwest Public Radio

From the wheat fields of the Palouse to the recording studios of Hollywood, Paul Henning has found success in the Los Angeles music industry.


Voters in Spokane are saying no to an initiative regulating coal and oil shipments through the heart of the city. The initiative would have fined companies that ship uncovered coal and certain types of oil through the city.


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