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Cancer, Congestion, Pollution Among The Outcomes Of Longview Coal Export Project: Study

A project that would export 44 million tons of coal a year from Longview, Washington, would raise the cancer risk for people living near rail lines, create traffic jams with its mile-long coal trains and increase global greenhouse gas emissions by 2 million tons.

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Unionized pilots at Alaska Airlines and recently acquired Virgin America pulled off a virtual barrel roll Wednesday to get management's attention. The union complains that talks to combine both pilot groups under what they hope will be a more generous joint contract aren't moving fast enough.

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The top attorney in the state of Washington is bringing light to a pattern of alleged sexual assaults at a small-town farm. Attorney General Bob Ferguson has filed a federal lawsuit against Horning Brothers LLC and a supervisor.

Boeing Announces Earnings Amid Washington Job Cuts

Apr 26, 2017
Mic Smith / AP

Boeing is reporting a spike in profits compared to this time last year. But plane sales are slumping. That’s led the Chicago-based plane maker to continue to cut jobs in Washington state. Hundreds of union machinists and engineers here received layoff notices this month. 

Eugene Symphony Scores A New Conductor

Apr 26, 2017
Brian Bull

After more than a year of searching, the Eugene Symphony has announced its new music director and conductor. The search committee reviewed 250 applications from 34 states and 44 nations, before choosing Francesco Lecce-Chong. 

The salmon cannon made a big splash a few years ago on local news stations and even had a cameo on HBO’s "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver. Soon, it could propel fish into its biggest project yet.

Even with all the hubbub around its name, the salmon cannon isn’t so much an explosion as a flexible plastic tube that sucks fish up and over obstructions — like dams.

Washington state has a new secretary of Corrections. Stephen Sinclair has been with the department for 28 years. Most recently he was in charge of the prison division. He was previously the superintendent of the Washington State Penitentiary at Walla Walla.

The Trump administration announced this week it would levy up to 24 percent tariffs on Canadian softwood. It’s the latest chapter in an ongoing dispute between the two countries.

Kelsie Smith

The Palouse is often associated with small town farming life, quiet summer afternoons and quaint downtowns. But tucked in the hills are two land grant universities. Between Washington State University and the University of Idaho, there is a wealth of scientific study, research and development. Little wonder that so many turned out for the March for Science on Saturday, April 22.

Anna King / Northwest News Network

Since the presidential election, many Northwest cities and towns have adopted resolutions reaffirming that all people are welcome -- regardless of race, religion or sexual identity. Boise, Eugene, Seattle, Spokane and Spokane Valley have. The Wenatchee city council is scheduled to consider one this week. But not Richland.

In a new promotional video for the City of Richland -- white people wakeboard on the Columbia River. White people hike Badger mountain. And white people drink red wine.

Acrimony and gridlock. That’s the state of affairs at the Washington state Capitol where  lawmakers Monday began a 30-day overtime session. Gov.Jay Inslee called lawmakers back after they failed to reach agreement on a state budget and school funding package. 


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