Washington State Legislature

Rep. Matt Manweller Put On Paid Leave Pending Central Washington University Investigation

Embattled Washington state Representative Matt Manweller has been placed on paid leave from his job as a professor at Central Washington University, the Northwest News Network has learned.

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A three judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments Monday in a case brought by 21 youths against the federal government over climate change. The Trump Administration is seeking to quash the case before it goes to trial.

Oregon Historical Society

Former Portland Mayor Vera Katz died Monday morning. She was 84. The three-term mayor and Oregon House speaker was in charge for defining moments in regional history. Jesse Katz, Vera’s son, confirmed her death to OPB.

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The man accused of killing two people onboard a MAX train in Portland this spring “described being on ‘auto pilot’ as the stabbings occurred,” according to a mental health evaluation released Friday.

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A second jurisdiction announced it’ll no longer send children to a juvenile detention facility in The Dalles. 
The Oregon Youth Authority said it’s taking the action after a report of “psychologically harmful conditions” at the Northern Oregon Regional Corrections Facility.



A new report about the radioactive tank waste at Hanford says the cleanup could take decades longer and cost billions more than estimated. The document, called “System Plan 8”, proposes 11 complex scenarios for how the 56 million gallons of radioactive tank waste could be moved out of those tanks and treated. 



The U.S. Department of State and the Canadian government announced Thursday that formal renegotiation of the Columbia River Treaty will begin in early 2018. Fish, electric rates, and flood protection are all part of the 53-year-old international treaty between the U.S. and Canada.

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The Trump administration is rolling back a requirement for trains carrying highly explosive liquids — like the oil trains that run through the Columbia River Gorge en route to Northwest refineries.


Federal agencies are a step closer to deciding how best to manage the Columbia River system and protect endangered fish. They outlined goals for a range of plans at a public meeting Thursday.

A series of public meetings this past year gave the agencies plenty to think about. They received more than 400,000 comments about how to protect endangered salmon and steelhead and, at the same time, maintain navigation channels for river traffic, control floods, and meet hydropower demands.

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Wasco County, Oregon, won’t be sending any more children to a juvenile detention facility in The Dalles — at least for now.


The decision comes after a report found “psychologically harmful conditions” at the Northern Oregon Regional Corrections Facility. 

Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine


For years, students who wanted to go to medical school in Washington and Idaho had only one choice, the University of Washington’s WWAMI program, which serves Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. Now they have four choices. 


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