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Don't Miss The Wildlife Detectives Series - Battling Poaching To Protect Northwest Species

Wildlife officials across the Northwest are working to battle poaching on many fronts, from antlers to abalone, despite setbacks. If you missed any part of EarthFix's Wildlife Detectives series, you can catch up on the stories below: Illegal Antler Hunting Is A Deadly Game For Elk Many Poachers Uncaught, Lightly Punished In NW Pinto Abalone, Poached To Near Extinction, Poised For A Comeback Wildlife Forensic Scientists Tackle New Challenges To Curb Illegal Logging Sturgeon Poachers Angling...
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People in the Northwest headed for some R&R on the region’s hundreds of lakes this holiday weekend or summer may be in for a bit of a surprise.  Thanks to the drought, just getting to the water’s edge may be a challenge.

Nearly 70 percent of the reservoirs in Oregon and Washington are lower than average. The problem is getting particularly acute at several Oregon reservoirs like Detroit, Fall Creek, Owyhee and Applegate.

Ore. Governor Declares More Drought Emergencies

May 22, 2015
Bert Kaufmann

Governor Kate Brown declared drought emergencies in eight additional counties around Oregon Friday, bringing the total to 15.

She also released a public service announcement launching #ORdrought.

“It may look green now, but we are going to experience one of the worst droughts in the history of our state. Snow pack is at historic lows and severe water shortages are nearly a certainty in many areas,” says Brown.

Brown added that it’s likely to be a difficult fire season.

Police released surveillance video and the 911 call Friday from a shoplifting that preceded a police shooting in Olympia, Washington.

Officials from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare are asking people to take precautions around ground squirrels after a squirrel south of Boise tested positive for plague.

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Wildlife cops have uncovered a problem on the Columbia River. Poachers are catching and killing giant sturgeon. They're driven, in part, by global demand for black market caviar. And they're putting the whole sturgeon population at risk.

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It's that time of year when hordes of twenty-somethings start sharing rides to remote locations – music festival season. This Memorial Day weekend it's the Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington. But Sasquatch is one of many – many – festivals yet to come. Too many, in fact? 

Several dairies accused of polluting the groundwater in Washington’s Yakima Valley will now start handling their waste more carefully. That’s because a federal judge has approved an order between environmental groups and dairies. Environmental groups had sued the dairies because they worried about pollution leaking into water supplies.

  The two, unarmed black men shot by a white Olympia police officer early Thursday morning are expected to survive.

Olympia Mayor Stephen Buxbaum said he expects a “respectful” and non-violent response to the shooting of two unarmed black men by a white police officer.

Democratic Representative Tobias Read introduced a bill Thursday that would divert a potential kicker tax rebate.


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