State Labor Council Agrees To $26K Fine Over Campaign Finance Violations

Washington’s largest labor organization has agreed to a $26,000 fine for past campaign finance violations. The attorney general’s office announced the penalty Friday against the Washington State Labor Council.
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Three of the candidates for Oregon Secretary of State made their case to voters in Eugene Friday. Democrat Brad Avakian, Republican Dennis Richardson and Alan Zundel of the Pacific Green Party spoke before the Eugene City Club.

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If a group that rallied at the state capitol in Salem Thursday has its way, Oregon lawmakers will take up two major pieces of legislation designed to improve rights for renters next year.

Outside Looking In: Rancher Describes His View Of The Malheur Occupation

Sep 22, 2016

Harney County rancher Andy Dunbar had perhaps one of the best views of the 41-day occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. He lives right next to it.

“They’re my closest neighbor,” said Dunbar, who testified Thursday in the trial for seven refuge occupiers.

Dunbar’s testimony created a narrative of how the occupation unfolded from someone literally on the outside looking in. Dressed in a plaid shirt tucked into blue jeans with a large belt buckle and hat hair, Dunbar explained the occupation’s effect on his daily life on the ranch.

Oregon college campuses should have better access to sworn police officers and develop active shooter training programs for all students and employees. Those are some of the recommendations in a draft report issued Thursday by a work group convened by the Oregon governor's office.

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Parents in Washington state may notice another measurement along with their students’ state test scores. The student growth percentile (SGP) is meant to compare a child’s learning to their peers, but critics say it may not work.

Women and girls in Oregon are more likely to be survivors of sexual violence, and have the highest incidence of reported depression in the country, according to a report released Wednesday on the status of women in the state.

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Oregon election officials say they’re getting complaints from voters over a letter informing them of their registration status. The letters are from the D.C. based Voter Participation Center. They say the recipient is not registered, and attached pre-filled registration forms are outdated or inaccurate. 

Informant's Tip Leads To Malheur Arrests

Sep 21, 2016
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An informant tipped off the Oregon State Police, leading to the arrests of Malheur occupation leaders last January. That information came out Wednesday in federal court in Portland.

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The head of Washington’s training academy for police officers says she’s open to changing the state’s deadly force law. Current law protects officers from prosecution unless they act in bad faith and with malice.

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A meeting of Washington state and British Columbian business and political leaders has resulted in two agreements. As Craig McCulloch reports from Vancouver, British Columbia, one of those agreements hopes to speed up treatments for cancer.


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