Combative Campaigns, Competing Narratives Drive Lopsided Governor's Race

Washington’s race for governor is a lopsided affair. Incumbent Democrat Jay Inslee has a three-to-one fundraising advantage over Republican challenger Bill Bryant. And polls show Inslee with a 10 point lead.But that’s not stopping Bryant from trying to make the campaign a referendum on Inslee’s leadership.
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People dressed as clowns have been scaring people on streets and forests across the country since August. Earlier this month, there were even sightings in western Washington and Oregon.


KING 5 reports clowns were seen in Tacoma, Spanaway, Graham and South Hill. KUOW described one covered in blood walking around Green Lake in Seattle. Seattle Schools issued a warning to parents.

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Kennewick Man is almost home. After 20 years of legal battles, scientific controversy and legislative wrangling, the ancient skeleton will be reburied on Northwest tribal lands. Here are four things you should know about one of the Northwest’s native ancestors.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, and his Republican challenger Bill Bryant sparred in their last scheduled debate in Pasco Wednesday night over Inslee's record at Hanford and their stances on environmental regulations.

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Eight people received non-life threatening injuries Wednesday morning in a gas explosion in Northwest Portland. The explosion caused a 4-alarm fire that destroyed one building and damaged several others in the surrounding blocks.

Washington state employers added 20,000 jobs on a seasonally adjusted basis last month according to the latest numbers out Wednesday from the state’s Employment Security Department.

Malheur Occupation Trial Goes To Jury

Oct 19, 2016

Closing arguments are finished in the trial of seven people charged in the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge earlier this year. The case now heads to the 12-person jury for deliberation.

Attorney Matt Schindler, hybrid counsel for defendant Ken Medenbach, delivered a thunderous argument to the jury in defense not just of his client, but of the occupation as a whole.

“How did any of these people benefit from protesting the death of rural America?” Schindler said.

WSU Young Republicans Build Symbolic Trump Wall

Oct 19, 2016

A dozen or so students at Washington State University gathered in the center of the Pullman campus to show support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Their symbolic wall on Glenn Terrell Mall sported Trump's name in painted gold letters. They were countered by more than 200 protestors. 

A hacked email from the Hillary Clinton campaign reveals some interesting names considered early on as possible Democratic vice presidential picks. The names released by Wikileaks Tuesday included Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and Microsoft's Bill Gates and Melinda Gates.

Prosecution Delivers Closing Argument In Malheur Case

Oct 18, 2016
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Closing arguments have started in the Malheur occupation trial. Government prosecutor Ethan Knight started off Tuesday, telling the jury that “This is a case at its core about the rule of law.”

New Federal Action Plan For Puget Sound Restoration

Oct 18, 2016
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Puget Sound is a national treasure and deserves protections on par with Cheaspeake Bay and the Great Lakes. That was the message as officials announced a new memorandum of understanding that will direct restoration activities from the federal level. 


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